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"All changed" (W.B. Yeats)
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Hello! How're you doing? I've noticed some university Web sites have a page called "President's Greeting". Am I the only one who finds that a bit grand? A mite stand-offish? I think 'tis better to come down to your level right from the word "go". So Hi there, whoever you are. Whether you're a business partner, a potential donor, or a student.

Who am I? Good thinking. Fair question. My name's Magnus -- Magnus O'Toole -- and I am, for my sins, President of King's College Dublin, third oldest University in Ireland (after Trinity College Dublin and St. Patrick's College Maynooth). Those august institutions were founded in the 16th and 18th centuries respectfully. We're a mite younger than that. We date from the 1830s, just before poor Queen Victoria's accession to the throne of England. Modesty becomes us. Humility is our distinguishing characteristic. Humility combined with excellence.

For my sins, I said. What sins? Fair question. In my case, pride, envy and covetousness. (Little joke. Where would we be without our sense of craic?) Better than lust, gluttony or sloth, anyroad. I'll have nothing to do with them three gentlemen. And anger? Yes indeed, I do get angry -- when I think of professors who lack zest, aggression and the competitive spirit, who fail to productize and package their knowledge efficiently and effectively, who didn't get up this morning determined to be super-excellent worldbeaters today and every day. I get angry with folks who think knowledge is something to be hoarded up, rather than used for advantage way out there in the real world going forward. Did you never read the Parable of the Talents?

Maybe anger is the wrong word. "Impatience" might be better. Men like me are hungry to succeed. I succeeded the late President Cregan, but now I want to succeed in a wider and deeper sense as well too. King's College Dublin is part of the great synergistic wave of reform that is sweeping through the Irish university sector like a mighty wave, washing away old subject borders, wiping out channels of specialization, dusting off the dry old cobwebs, releasing the energies of young people from Ireland and around the world to discover the joys of education for doing, education for being, education for action, education for going forward!

Of course King's College has one tiny advantage over our friends in other Irish universities. We may all share the same great vision, but we in KCD are part of a great global private educational family, Finer Small Campuses of the Western World(TM). FSC is our ace in the hole, as they say over beyond in America.

A word to the wise. Don't believe everything you read about King's. Folks can be so negative.

Effectively yours -- President Magnus O'Toole, MSc, DipPractPsych, PhD, FSPAnt

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