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"Centers are Central to KCD's Axis of Excellence"
Magnus O'Toole, President

It's not much use being good at teaching if you're not also tops at research. Think back on all the insipring teachers you've had, at school or at university. Weren't they all involved in cutting-edge research? Didn't their research flow fruitfully into their teaching? Well, then.

At King's College Dublin, it's goodbye Departments, hello Centers. (Note the modern spelling.) Listed below are some the powerhouses of research excellence that will ensure our financial viability and competitiveness going forward.

LATE NEWS: Following the outcome of the Mulgrew Report on Academic Structures in the New Millennium, all KCD Centers are to be merged into the King's Institute of Funded Research and Consultancy Services. This will allow cross-disciplinary investigations to undertaken with unprecedented levels of speed, flexibility and creative recycling of research texts. Details of our cost-saving Rapid Conclusions formula, and our ground-breaking Executive Summary First option, may be obtained from the Institute's CEO, Bob McBrotty, Acting Pro-Bursar.

"Setting Excellent Examples of Excellence" -- President Magnus O'Toole, MSc, DipPractPsych, PhD, FSPAnt

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